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Getting started with the Admin Web Application


The admin web application is designed to enable the branch/depot staff to:

  • schedule one-off deliveries
  • schedule repeat deliveries
  • monitor delivery statuses
  • track the delivery driver
  • manage orders collected in person from the branch

The web application also allows the business owner to monitor the performance of the delivery service.

The interface within the system allows easy filtering and searching of your customer and delivery database.

The system is web-based and runs in any recent web browser. No software installation is required. It can be accessed securely from any location with Internet access.

To access the system, you need to log in via the yellow "log in" button in the top right corner of our website.

The first time you log in to your account, you will be asked to perform an initial set up. This involves entering the name of your first branch and details of your first courier. Once you have entered this information you will be redirected to the admin system page. This will look similar to the example shown below.

 - Click to Zoom

The "Menu" button in the top left corner of the screen can be used to navigate to the sections of the system described below.

Please note: Depending on your access rights you may not have access to all the areas described here.



The customers screen allows you to view and manage all the customers in your account. Each customer has to be linked to one of the branches in your account. Customers can be deactivated if they are deceased or if they move away without losing a record of deliveries made to them.



This screen has a row of tabs that provide various views related to deliveries. Each tab is described below...

"All deliveries"

A list of all deliveries made. It shows the scheduled date and the current status of each delivery. Full details of a delivery can quickly be accessed simply by double-clicking on it or by right-clicking and choosing "View delivery" as shown below. New deliveries can also be scheduled here.


Has the same functionality as the "all deliveries" tab, but just shows deliveries scheduled for the current day.


Lists incomplete deliveries earlier than the current date that have not been rescheduled. Use this tab to quickly check for any deliveries that need to be rescheduled.

"Delivery map"

This tab provides a map-based view of all deliveries on the selected date. Deliveries are colour-coded to each courier. This tab can be used to get an overview of scheduled deliveries and quickly re-assign individual deliveries to another courier or reschedule to another date. The map is fully interactive, so it can be zoomed and panned. Double-click on a delivery pin to view the delivery details or right-click for further options.


This tab allows you to create schedules for deliveries that take place on a weekly basis. It also gives you an overview of the current regular delivery schedules.



The tracking screen provides a map-based view of all deliveries for a selected date and courier. It includes markers showing the start and stop points for the selected courier as well as the route taken. The map can be used to view historical data or for live tracking of your deliveries and courier. The map is fully interactive, so it can be zoomed and panned. Delivery and courier position markers can be double-clicked to see full information or right-clicked for other options.



The settings screen allows you to configure various aspects of the system including branches, admin / app user accounts, text for delivery notification emails / SMS messages and daily reports. Click on a setting option in the left panel to view or edit it. Each of the main setting screens are described below.


Shows a list of the branches in your account. Your account can contain multiple branches. Grouping multiple branches in a single account enables the proprietor to monitor all activity in a single place. It also enables a courier to perform deliveries for multiple branches via the mobile app using a single log on. View or edit a branch by double-clicking or right-clicking on it. New branches can also be added here.

"User accounts > Admin users"

This screen allows you to create and edit user accounts for accessing the online delivery manager. Admin user accounts can be configured for access to specified branches and various levels of permissions can be set.

"User accounts > App users"

This screen allows you to view, add and edit accounts for users of the mobile app. App user accounts can be configured for access to specific branches.

"Mobile devices"

Shows a list of mobile devices running the Pro Delivery Manager mobile app. This screen can be used to control or restrict access by device. For further information please click here.

"Deliveries/Collections > Email/SMS notification"

The settings under these headings allow you to activate and configure all notifications that the system sends to your customers. For each type of notification, various "placeholders" are available. When you select a placeholder, a piece of special text is inserted into the adjoining field. Placeholder text gets replaced with the relevant information when a notification is sent to a customer.

"Reporting > Daily delivery reports"

This screen allows you to configure up to five email addresses for receiving daily reports. These reports contain in-depth analysis of the delivery performance of each branch and courier in your account, over various time periods.

Creating new records

Depending on your permission level new records can be added for Branches, Admin users, App users, Mobile devices, Customers, Deliveries, Regular deliveries and Branch collections.

As shown in the image below, to create a new record simply navigate to the relevant screen and then click on the yellow "+ new ...." button shown above the list of current records. You will find that the button for creating a new customer is always shown in the top-right corner of every screen.

Editing records

To edit a Branch, Admin user, App user, Mobile device, Customer, Delivery, Regular delivery or Branch collection record, simply double-click on the record in the table to select it, then click on the "Edit" tab once the record has loaded. Alternatively, you can right-click on the record and choose "Edit..." from the context menu.

Click on the 'Save changes' button to save changed or 'Cancel changes' to discard changes. You can also delete a record here. See the example below.

 - Click to Zoom

Navigating the data

The main data tables lists only show 25 records at a time. The bar below the data table list shows how many records there are in the database and which range are in the current display. The buttons in the bar allow you to navigate forward or back in the record pages or jump to a specific page number. There is also a "refresh" button that allows you to refresh the data in the current view. See the example below.

Sorting data

Records shown in the main data tables can be sorted by any column in ascending or descending order. Simply click on the column header you wish to sort by, as shown below. Click again to reverse the sorting direction.

Searching and filtering

You can search or filter the data shown in the main data tables by clicking into the menu available in the column header area. See this example:

The type of filter available for each column will depend on the type of data in that column. Filters can be applied to multiple columns at the same time. To remove a filter, simply untick it.

Note: the menu can also be used to configure which columns are visible in the data table.

You can also do a quick search for customers using the "quick search" box at the top of the interface, as shown below. You can search for a customer by first name and/or last name, post code or reference number.

Logging out

To log out of the admin system, select the "Log out" option from the main menu, as shown below.

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