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Getting started with the Mobile App


The mobile prescription delivery app is primarily designed for use by your delivery driver. It enables him to:

  • Search the customer database by entering text or scanning a label barcode
  • Schedule deliveries for any date
  • Mark items as "out for delivery" when loading the van
  • View the status of all deliveries for a selected date
  • View the recommended route for the day's deliveries as a numbered list or on an interactive map
  • Use the device's Sat Nav to locate a customer address
  • Record the exact GPS location for each customer address
  • Record details about the outcome of each delivery, including a customer signature and notes

The app can also be used by branch/depot staff to schedule deliveries for one or more couriers.

In addition to the above, the app can send out delivery notification SMS messages to customers. In the Android version, this works silently in the background when enabled.


In order to use routing and navigation features, ensure that your mobile device has GPS enabled.

To log in and synchronise data with the web database, ensure that your device has a mobile data or WiFi connection. Deliveries can be performed when no connection is available and will be synchronised with the web database next time the device detects an Internet connection.

Logging on

To log in to the app you will need to enter your company id (this is shown in the bottom left corner of the admin web application), courier PIN number and courier password. The courier PIN and password can be created or altered in the admin web application.

Once you have logged in successfully you will see the "Customers" screen as shown below. Note the "Menu" button in the top-right corner.

 - Click to Zoom

The following sections give an overview of each of the three main screens that can be accessed via the menu.

The menu also contains options for logging out of the app, locking the app, accessing settings and viewing information about the app version and current status.

Customers screen

1. The menu contains a "Refresh" option which can be used to refresh customer data from the web database.
2. A drop-down list of branches that the app user has access to.
3. The date for which to view scheduled deliveries or to schedule new deliveries on.

Changing either of the above selections will download and refresh data from the web database.

4. Tap this button to scan the barcode on a label printed from the admin system. This will locate the customer in the list allowing a new delivery or branch collection to be quickly scheduled.
5. Type a customer name, post code or reference number in this box to search for a customer.
6. The list of matching customers. A maximum of 10 are showed per page. Clink on the + icon to see the details and options for a customer.
7. Tap this button to add a new customer to the database. A new window will open where you can type in the customer's details.

Delivery List screen

1. The menu contain a "Refresh" option which can be used to refresh the list of deliveries from the web database. There is also an option called "Reroute" which re-routes the delivery sequence for the remaining deliveries, using your current GPS location as the starting point.
2. List of deliveries for selected courier and date. These are organised by their status into five main sections: Scheduled - Any courier, Scheduled, Out for Delivery, Delivered and Incomplete. Tap on the + icon to expand a section. The deliveries in the "Out for Delivery" section are ordered by the suggested route. Tap the + icon to view details and options for a delivery.
3. Tap this link to record your current GPS location as the exact location for a delivery.
4. This button opens your default Sat Nav app with the delivery address set as the destination.
5. Tap this button to record the outcome of the delivery. 

For deliveries in the "Scheduled - Any courier" and "Scheduled" sections you will see an "Out for delivery" button instead of the buttons labeled 3 & 4. This button allows you to move a scheduled delivery into the "Out for Delivery" section. When you do this, the delivery route will automatically be recalculated. If the delivery is in the "Scheduled - Any courier" section, it will be allocated to the courier using the app, when it is marked as "Out for delivery."

Delivery Map screen

1. These buttons allow you to zoom in and out of the map. Alternatively, you can zoom in and out by "pinching" the touch-screen.
2. A Google map, centred on your current location. You can pan the map by dragging it using the touch-screen.
3. Marker pins showing the locations of the deliveries for the selected courier and date. These are colour-coded to the status of each delivery: Grey = scheduled, Blue = out for delivery, Yellow = delivered, Brown = incomplete delivery. Tapping on a marker pin will open a window showing the details and options for that delivery.
4. Your last known location.

Please note that zooming and panning the map may require an Internet connection in order to download map tiles for the new view.

Scheduling a delivery

Start on the "Customers" screen. Select the correct branch and date for delivery, then search for the customer. When you have located the correct customer, click on the + icon to view the options for that customer. See the example below.

Tap the "Schedule new delivery" button to schedule a delivery for this customer. This will open a window similar to the one shown below.

Check that the date, courier and customer selected are correct.

Select the "Fridge" and/or "Controlled Delivery" options if they apply.

If you are scheduling and loading the delivery onto the van at the same time, select the "Mark as OUT FOR DELIVERY" option.

Enter the number of bags/boxes in the delivery.

Enter the items in the delivery (optional).

Enter any optional delivery notes (this box will be pre-filled with any delivery notes held in the customer's record).

Tap the "OK" button to schedule the delivery.

Editing scheduled deliveries

To edit a scheduled delivery, locate the customer in the "Customers" screen and click on the + icon to view the options for that customer. The customer information will include a summary of any deliveries scheduled for the selected date.

1. This button opens a window showing detailed information about the delivery.

2. This button opens a window that allows you to add items to the delivery. This button will be disabled for deliveries already completed.

3. This button allows you to mark the delivery as "out for delivery." This button will be disabled for deliveries already completed.

4. This button allows you to delete the scheduled delivery after confirmation. This button will be disabled for deliveries already completed.

Recording a delivery

Start in the "Delivery list" or "Delivery map" screen. Locate the delivery in the list and tap on the + icon to view the options, or if using the map, tap on the delivery marker pin. See the example below.

Tap the "Update delivery" button. This will open a new screen as shown below.

Enter the recipients name. This defaults to the name of the customer.

Pharmacy users will have the additional option to set the payment exemption category, if applicable.

Check and adjust, if necessary, the delivery date and time.

Select the result of the delivery.

Enter any additional notes. For example: "left with neighbour."

Tap the "Next/Save" button. If the delivery has been completed, the following screen will be shown.

Hand the device to the recipient and ask them to draw their signature in the box provided using the touch-screen.

If a mistake is made, click the "X" icon to clear the box.

If there is no recipient when leaving the delivery in an alternative location, leave the signature box blank.

Tap the "Next/Save" button.

If it is a "controlled" delivery and the delivery has been completed, as an additional step, you will be asked to record the courier's signature.


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