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Delivering to Multiple Customers at the Same Address

Occasionally you may make deliveries for multiple customers at the same address. For example, pharmacies deliver prescriptions for multiple patients living at the same care home.

For this reason, we added a "grouped delivery" option to the app which allows the delivery driver to update multiple deliveries for the same address in one go.

How the app identifies deliveries that share the same address

When the "Update Delivery" button is pressed for a delivery that is in the "Out for Delivery" section, the app checks all the other deliveries in the "Out for Delivery" section. The app looks for any other deliveries that have the same address. Specifically it checks for addresses that match the first line and postcode.

If you are having problems using this feature, check that the first line and postcode of customers living at the same address are identical.

Recording multiple deliveries to the same address

When you tap the "Update Delivery" button, if the app finds another delivery for the same address, a window will appear as shown below.

Tap the "Yes" button if you want to update the status of all deliveries to the address at the same time.

You will note that the "Update Delivery" screen includes information relating to all deliveries at that address including total number of bags and any notes on each patient:

Pharmacy users, please note that if individual patients in the delivery have differing payment exemptions the "Payment exemption" option will be set to "(Varies)." If you change this value, all patients in the delivery will be updated to the new payment exemption category.

Record the delivery outcome including any signatures required in the normal way. When you press the "Save" button, all deliveries at the address will be updated at the same time.

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