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How To Use the Barcode Scanner

Version 1.3.0 and above of the prescription delivery app has a built-in barcode scanner which enables barcodes on non-ETP prescriptions (typically used on Welsh NHS prescriptions) to be scanned using the device's built-in camera.

The barcode scanner can be used to:

  • quickly find a specific patient/customer in the database
  • add a new patient/customer to the database
  • schedule a delivery, including adding description of items on prescription to delivery details
  • mark a delivery's status as "out for delivery"
  • add items on prescription to existing scheduled delivery details

There are two main ways the barcode scanner can be used:

  • by dispensary staff to schedule deliveries for one or more couriers - see our separate article
  • by couriers/delivery drivers to mark items as "out for delivery"

Search the customer database

Tap the yellow "Scan Barcode" button shown next to the search box on the "Customers" screen. This will switch on your devices's camera for scanning the barcode.

If you are working in an environment with poor lighting, you can tap on the "bulb" icon on the scanner screen to turn on your device's camera flash light which will help illuminate the barcode.

You should place the camera a few inches away from the prescription barcode. For quickest scanning, place the camera close enough to the barcode so that the barcode is near the centre of the scanning area (shown as a square) on the screen and is not too small, and far enough away so that the camera can focus on the barcode easily.

The scanner is very powerful, so you should find that the barcode is recognised almost instantly the moment it becomes in focus. The device will vibrate and return to the "Customers" screen once the barcode has been scanned successfully.

The search box will show the text "---BARCODE---" to indicate that the customer list has been filtered to show customers that match the barcode information. You can clear the filtering in the usual way, by tapping the "x" icon in the search box.

If your customer database contains a patient with a matching NHS reference number, then the customer list will be filtered to show the exact match only. Otherwise, the list will contain any records that match the patient's post code and/or name. If no potential matches are found, then this will be indicated on the screen.

Please note that the app only searches for a matching patient within the selected pharmacy. The selected pharmacy is shown in the drop-down box at the top of the screen.

If none of the filtered records match the patient whose prescription was scanned, the scanned patient can be added to the customer database as described next.

Add a new patient to the customer database

If the patient whose prescription you scanned is not already in the customer database, you can easily add them. Simply scroll to the bottom of the customer list and click the "Create new customer" button. This will open a new window where you can check and, if necessary, edit the details of the customer to be added. Required fields are shown in bold.

Please note that an internet data connection is required to add a new customer.

After the customer has been added, the app will refresh the customer database and you should then see the new patient in the search results. Now you can schedule a delivery for this patient as described next.

Schedule a delivery

 - Click to Zoom

Expand the customer record that matches the prescription that you scanned (if only one match is found, this record will be expanded automatically for you).

Tap the "Schedule" button, or alternatively if the items are being loaded for delivery, tap the "Out for delivery" button. This will open the "Schedule a delivery" or "Out for delivery" window. If a delivery has already been scheduled for the selected courier and customer, these buttons will not be available - instead you will see a "Add items to delivery" button. This option is described in the next section.

If the scanned barcode contained information on the items on the prescription, you should see that these have automatically been added to the "Items" field. Adjust the number of "Boxes/Bags" to match the number being used and select any other relevant options before tapping the "OK" button.

Add items to delivery

 - Click to Zoom

If a delivery has already been scheduled for the selected courier and customer on the selected date, you will see a "Add items to delivery" button for that customer. This button allows you to add items recorded on additional prescriptions to an existing scheduled delivery. Tap the button to open the "Add items to delivery" window.

If the scanned barcode contained information on the items on the prescription, you should see that these have automatically been added to the "Additional items" field. Adjust the number of "Additional boxes/bags" accordingly and tap the "OK" button.

Please note that if previous items on the delivery were marked as "fridge" or "controlled delivery," these options cannot be changed when adding more items to the delivery.

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