New barcode scanner app coming soon!

Some have commented about the time needed for entering all of your delivery patient details into the Online Delivery Manager database. We have been giving this one a lot of thought because we would really like to make this quicker for you.

As a result, we are now developing an update to the app that will help pharmacies that are still not fully on ETP (all in Wales). It uses your phone's camera to scan the barcodes on the patient's prescription. The scanner we are implementing is very powerful and recognises the barcodes, which contain full patient information and prescription items, very quickly and accurately.

This new version, which will be available in the near future, will allow dispensary staff to quickly add new patients to the Online Delivery Manager database simply by scanning the barcode on their prescription. If the patient is already in the database, the app will give you the option of scheduling a delivery for them. Another powerful feature is that the items on the scanned prescription will be added to the delivery record. This means you will be able to see exactly what has been delivered to each patient. We are really excited about this feature!

We are also looking to develop this new feature further so that it can recognise other types of barcodes such as those used by some of the PMR systems. In the future, pharmacies in England will be able to scan barcodes that will appear on the bag labels.

We will let you know as soon as this new version app is available for download. For the time-being this will only be available for Android devices.