Country Up to 1,000 orders per month Each additional order
Australia - -
Canada - -
Germany - -
Ireland - -
New Zealand - -
United Kingdom £ 44.95GBP £ 0.040GBP
United States of America - -

Prices shown apply to accounts created after August 1st 2020. All prices exclude VAT (value-added taxes) where applicable and do not include any discounts that may be offered by our partners.

If you require PDM to help support you with the set-up of your account, this may be chargeable. The rate for any work of this kind is £65 per hour and will be charged specifically as per your requirements.

See our SMS Pricing page for the optional SMS notification service.

  • All billing will be in Pounds Sterling (GBP). Prices shown in other currencies are calculated from current published exchange rates and serve as an indication only. Exchange rates updated on 1 Jan 1970 at 00:01 GMT

Unlike our competitors, we do not charge by the number of users or customers.
All prices include:

  • email and telephone support
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited customers
  • unlimited branches
  • unlimited hubs
  • unlimited depots