Revamped login system on its way

Some have commented that you have found the login system a little confusing. When you signed up for your account you were able to choose a password for the initial courier account, but the main password for accessing the online delivery manager site was assigned automatically by us. We appreciate that this is a little bit confusing.

In response, we are working on an improved authentication system which will allow you to choose your own admin password and use your email address to log in. We will also provide a means for resetting your password if you forget it at any time.

We are also planning to add a new tab in the Online Delivery Manager site which will enable you to create additional login accounts for each pharmacy in your account. This means that you can give each pharmacy their own login and then they will only see their own patients in the database. The courier account options will also be extended in the future so that you can control which pharmacy databases each courier has access to.