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Introducing Optimised Routing

Starting with version 2.3.5, the PDM mobile app automatically sequences all deliveries by optimal route.

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How does it work?

Each time a new delivery is marked as "out for delivery" the app will automatically calculate the optimal sequence for all deliveries assigned to the courier*.

The sequence is based on the quickest route starting from the current location of the courier. The end-point used for calculating the route defaults to the location of the courier at the point when the first delivery of the day is marked as "out for delivery." The end-point can be customised for each courier if required. This is done via the courier settings in the admin system.

When optimising the route, current live traffic conditions are taken into account as is the courier's mode of transport. The courier's mode of transport defaults to "driving." Options for "bicycling" and "walking" are also available in the courier settings.

If the courier carries out a delivery out of sequence, the app will automatically re-route* the remaining deliveries, starting from from that location.

The courier can manually request a re-route* if and when needed.

If the courier does not follow the optimised delivery sequence, this is logged in the admin system (tracking module).

*An internet connection is required to perform route optimisation.

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