What's New in Version 2.5.0

We are pleased to announce that your Pro Delivery Manager account was upgraded to version 2.5.0 earlier this month.

Here is a brief summary of what is new in this version.

Suggestion Box

Over the last three years I developed Pro Delivery Manager primarily to meet the requirements of my own business. I do have several additional upgrades that I personally would like to add to Pro Delivery Manager, but I also get asked daily by other businesses for features that they would like to see.

Unlike other IT providers, I decided to let the users steer the future development of Pro Delivery Manager. For this purpose, we have created a suggestion box facility that allows you to submit requests and vote on ideas submitted by other users.
I have developers working full time on Pro Delivery Manager and the highest voted development will be done first.

What if your suggestion does not attract enough votes to make it into development? As the highest-voted features are implemented, suggestions with fewer votes will make their way up the list! In addition, a "fund it" button allows businesses to part-finance or complete-finance suggested developments on Pro Delivery Manager that may have a smaller demand - thus giving control to the users at last. Wherever possible we intend to subsidise developments, making them good value to the users.

This is how it works:-

In the admin system access "Suggestion Box" via the main menu. On opening this shows the suggested developments, the number of votes, option to add comments and finance the development.


As many of you will know, it doesn't take long for any customer database to become out-of-date or bloated with historical data that is no longer needed. Some may have imported customers from an existing database into PDM and found that it includes many inactive customers.

We have been looking at ways we can build automated housekeeping systems into PDM so that the customer database can be kept as relevant as possible. In version 2.5.0 we have added a new "Housekeeping" section under "Settings." At this time, you will just find one option here: the option to deactivate customers who have not been used for x amount of months. By default, this is set to "Never," however, we recommend that you set this option to a value you feel is suitable for your business. 

In future versions we will be adding further housekeeping options including the ability to automatically delete inactive customers after a period of time.

We hope you find the new features in version 2.5.0 useful.