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Version 3 of Pro Delivery Manager

We are pleased to be able to bring you some exciting news about the development of Pro Delivery Manager.

We have been listening carefully to your feedback and monitoring the "Suggestion Box" closely.

In addition, we been looking at ways we can assist our Pharmacy users to meet current and future challenges. In particular, we are looking at how PDM could remedy the loss of control over repeat ordering that Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) policies are bringing. Another aspect is how PDM could assist Pharmacies to meet the requirements of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD). So you can expect future versions to deliver just what is needed in Pharmacy now and in the future!

At this point, we expect the following key features to be included in version 3 of PDM. These features are due for release starting in 2017. The "Suggestion Box" has been updated to show all suggestions that we expect to be included.

Development in Progress

End-to-end Order Tracking

This will allow orders (or prescriptions for Pharmacy users) to be tracked from request through to delivery (or collection by customer) including all the stages in between.

Target dates set on each step will allow your staff to quickly identify action that is required or overdue.

A full history, showing date and time of each step, and who performed it, will be available for every order.

Support for Delivery Hubs

Couriers can be assigned to collect or deliver orders from a hub (and/or surgery for pharmacy users). This will allow you to track movement of orders between delivery hubs, surgeries (pharmacy use), branches and customer addresses.


Multi-selection Tools

Methods for selecting multiple customers or orders will be provided allowing your staff to quickly update multiple records in one go. A similar feature will be added to the mobile app.

Tagging System

This system will allow you to define custom tags which can then be used to tag individual customers, orders or courier tasks. This will enable branch staff and couriers to quickly identify customers or orders with special requirements.

Two-way Syncing with Mobile App

When changes are made in the admin system that affect the tasks assigned to a courier, the data will be automatically updated in the mobile app and a notification of the change shown to the courier.

Further developments planned for version 3

Automated Sequencing of Order Statuses and Courier Tasks

This will allow you to pre-define commonly used sequences.

Pre-defining such a sequence will allow for these steps to be applied to a specific order with a single click. As each stage is completed the next one will be automatically allocated.

Automated sequencing could also be used to handle failed deliveries, automatically rescheduling them for example.

A New Dedicated App for your Customers

Initial plans for mobile app for customer use include providing full order tracking, order notifications and repeat ordering.

We hope to build on these initial features so that the app enables full two-way communication with your customers.

Customer Surveys

This feature would allow gathering of data either at point of delivery (via the PDM mobile app), point of collection or via the customer mobile app. One potential use in Pharmacy is to collate a target database for flu vaccination.

Payment System

A payment system would allow you to optionally define charges and track payments for goods, services and delivery. This could be integrated with the PDM mobile app, allowing your courier to collect payment on delivery. In addition, it could be linked to the customer mobile app, allowing customers to check their balance, payment history and make electronic payments.


We would be very interested in your feedback!

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