UPDATE: Version 3.0.7 is now live!

As V3 of PDM is rolled out to more users, we're able to offer some updates and refinements to make it even better!

The most recent update - v3.0.7 - includes:

  • Removal of the 'Save Defaults' option on the orders screen.
    Instead, we are pleased to make available to you more granular, specific options for saving defaults - you can now pin items to save individual customer defaults which are available even when editing an order, giving you ultimately more control over customer settings.
    Even if global defaults are changed, it won't override the granular defaults saved on customer records or orders:

  • Sticky task assignees - remembers the assignees used last time within each user session.
  • Locations for tasks carried out at a customer's address now default to the customer's default address.
  • Customer edit and creation screens now show tags along with any default tasks that are linked to those tags:

  • If the customer has multiple tags with associated default tasks, options will appear enabling you to choose which tasks you want to assign for the order:

  • From the moment you begin using PDM, the Delivery Service tag and task are set as the defaults, making for a quick user start-up
  • Increased information is shown on the tooltip "i" icon in the orders module - it now shows the first 5 characters of the note, which is more useful to users:

  • When using the import tool, default tags are added and all customers imported will have that tag automatically assigned. This can be amended and changed of course, again giving you full control.

We are excited to see how these changes make your experience with PDM more efficient!