PDM V3 Highlights: PDM & Multiple Point Systems (MPS)

MPS enables companies to operate a better workflow within their company structure.

While efficiency is essential, using all available resources makes good business sense. This can be achieved by centralising the deliveries or centralising the dispensing of scripts within a larger premises and redistributing them to the smaller branches.

In many cases, one driver collects and delivers to and from multiple pharmacies, hubs, warehouses, and care homes.

PDM V3 has the ability to allow you to create a collection and delivery task where all the deliveries will be listed under the collection point name.
This enables the driver, staff and others to see the number of deliveries prior to the driver arriving at the branch.
It also shows if there's a need for the driver to go to a branch and makes finding the prescriptions easier at the branch.

To improve logistics even more, when a pharmacy branch is on a delivery route this will be optimised to fit in with the rest of the route. This makes the route more efficient as deliveries can be done en route to the second collection point.

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