Payment Request and Collection feature

Schedule payment requests easily

One or more regular payments can be easily scheduled for any customer.
The new module allows for a start and optional end date along with a variety of scheduling patterns including daily, every x days, weekly, selected weekdays, monthly, x day in every x months, yearly and so on.

Configure custom notifications to inform your customers about required payments by email or SMS.

The status of all payment requests can easily be tracked and updated in PDM Web.

Collect payments automatically via Direct Debit

For UK customers, PDM provides a fully integrated solution for requesting and collecting customer payments by Direct Debit.


This excellent feature is now available to new users of PDM as well as existing users of version 3 by request.
If you're still using V2 and would like to migrate to V3 to make use of the payment request and collection feature, please let us know by sending an email to with the subject 'Migration to V3.' One of the Migration Team will be in touch with the next steps to get your account moved over.

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