PDM V3 Updates: Simplified Order Notes and Task Instructions

In our commitment to continually improve user experience and streamline operations, we're pleased to announce some exciting changes to the PDM platform. These updates make managing order notes and task instructions simpler and more intuitive.
Let's dive into the key changes across both the PDM Web and App interfaces.

PDM Web Updates

Previously, the PDM Web interface allowed for multiple order details notes, which could sometimes clutter a user's view and lead to confusion. With the latest update, this has been streamlined to keep things clean and concise. Now, only one note field is displayed for order details, making it more intuitive and straightforward to manage.

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Similarly, task instructions have undergone a transformation. Instead of having separate default and additional instructions, they are now combined into a single note field. This consolidation not only declutters the interface but also ensures that all task-related information is easily accessible in one place.

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As a result of these changes, the notes tab in the app has been eliminated, as it's no longer necessary with the streamlined approach to order notes and task instructions.

PDM App Updates

In PDM App, there's a more prominent focus on notes, with the note icon now appearing at the top level for easy viewing. This allows users to quickly view and edit notes without navigating through multiple screens.

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Furthermore, the tabbed interface has been done away with in favour of displaying all information on a single screen view. This simplification ensures that users can access all relevant details without unnecessary navigation.

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When it comes to completing, failing or cancelling tasks, this screen now includes additional information in the signature tab, providing a comprehensive overview of the task status along with any associated notes.

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Another notable change across both the Web and App interfaces is the removal of default instructions everywhere, further streamlining the user experience and eliminating unnecessary clutter.

In an upcoming release of PDM, we will be further simplifying and streamlining the task completion process within the app. This enhancement aims to make task completion even more intuitive and efficient, ensuring that users can navigate PDM App with ease and complete their responsibilities seamlessly.

These updates to the PDM platform represent our ongoing commitment to improving efficiency and usability for our users. By simplifying order notes and task instructions, we empower users to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional service to patients.