General Settings

To view the general settings, go to Administration under the main menu and select General.

Here you can view and change settings relating to mobile app security, housekeeping, and PDM support.

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In the Mobile app security section, select whether users have to log in each time they launch the app. 

In the Housekeeping section, choose how records are managed. The first option allows the deactivation of customers when no orders have been created for a selected period (from 1 to 36 months). In addition, choose how long details of completed/cancelled orders and photos are retained, setting time periods for archiving and permanently deleting the order details and photos. 

In the PDM support team section, tick the box to allow the PDM support team temporary access to your account. This is useful if you experience any issues with your PDM account. Access will be granted for one week, or until the box is unticked.