Use this screen to set defaults for how orders are created and managed.

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Mark orders as complete:

Set orders to be automatically marked as complete when the final task in the order is completed.
In addition, choose whether or not to allow users to override this option on an order-by-order basis. 
Payment exemption system:
If payment for orders is not required, disable this option. If they are required, enable this option.
Stick task assignees:
When enabled (ticked), this option will remember any changes to task assignees for the duration of the session, overriding any default setting for the task.
For example, to assign the day's deliveries to the specific driver on duty that day, by assigning the first delivery task to them future delivery tasks in that same session will also default to the same driver.
Sticky task lead times:
When enabled (ticked), changes to target dates for tasks and task sequences are remembered for the duration of the session. They will then be applied to any other orders created with those specific tasks.