What's new in Pro Delivery Manager 2.1.1?

We are pleased to announce version 2.1.1 of Pro Delivery Manager. All accounts will be upgraded to this version on Sunday the 10th of January.

This release includes an upgrade to both the admin system and the mobile app for Android and iOS.

Enhanced Security

Data Security

The key with compliance with industry data security standards is only to store and use information that is required for the purpose of the application. For this reason, in the next version of PDM, we have reduced the information required/stored.

When PDM is used by pharmacies, it will only hold patient details that are used for the purpose of delivery and thus we will not hold any NHS details such as GP, surgery details and medication details. We have renamed the "Items" field to "Pharmacy Notes," allowing you to use this field as you wish. So that you maintain proof of delivery, we recommend that you enter the reference number of the prescription in this field. This is a good option as these numbers do not mean anything unless you have access to the patient prescriptions, hence risk of data security compromise is reduced.

Management of Mobile Device Access

Another area of risk that we have addressed is regarding use of the PDM mobile app. This upgrade includes a new feature that allows you to control which mobile devices the app can be used from, and a feature that will allow you to automatically log out a user of the app remotely. What this means is that a driver can download the app from the Google or Apple app store on to his own phone but when he tries to log in to the application under your account number it will fail because the phone ID would not be authorised.

By default, this feature is not activated. However, if you wish to use this feature to control mobile device access, please see our "how to" guide.

Support for Android Version 6 (Marshmallow)

Version 2.1.1 of the Pro Delivery Manager app includes full support for version 6 of the Android operating system, code-named "Marshmallow."

Essentially, this update provides a method that keeps the PDM app running when the phone goes into "sleep" or "low power" mode.

If you find that tracking data is sporadic for devices running Marshmallow, you will need to enable "tracking compatibility mode" for all users of these devices. This can be done in the PDM admin system via the "Settings" > "App users" module. Enabling this mode ensures that tracking continues to operate even when the phone is in "sleep" mode. We recommend that this mode is only enabled for users of devices running Marshmallow as this mode may use more battery power on other devices.