PDM Web and PDM App

PDM is now integrated with the PharmacyX PMR

PDM is pleased to be partnering with PharmacyX to provide
a simple way for your pharmacy to make those
important deliveries to your patients.

You can use the PDM Web application or the PDM mobile app to scan the PharmacyX 2D barcodes to:

  • add patients
  • find patients, or
  • add new deliveries/orders

An additional scanner may be required to enable PDM Web to read the 2D barcodes.
Using PDM App, simply select the customer section from the menu and click on the barcode icon within the search box.

If you are an existing PDM user, the new version of PDM (V3) is required to activate this useful integration.
We are now rolling out the new version to all V2 users and our Migration Support team will be in touch with each account in the coming months.
If you haven't heard from our team and would like to migrate to the new version, please send us an email with the subject 'Migration to V3' and one of the Migration Team will be in touch with the next steps to get your account moved over.
To read more about migration, check out our Migration Hub.
To register for a V3 account, simply click here to complete the registration form.

Please contact PharmacyX support to get this feature enabled.

Even after just a couple of days using the app … delivery times were greatly reduced.

Emma Oudney — Davidsons Chemist