PDM Web (previously known as Admin)

Use your new V3 company ID, along with the same email address and the same password you used to log into the V2 Admin system.

If you don't have your new company ID, please check your emails.

The "default delivery notes" for customers in V2 are migrated to the "additional instructions" field for the "Deliver to Customer" task in V3.

To view them in PDM Web, simply open the customer order, click the + symbol next to the task and view the instructions in the 'Additional instructions' field.

1. Select the customer you want to add either an order note or a task note.
2. Click +New order.
3. Enter the order note or task note and click the pin icon next to the text box. This will remember the note as a default next time they place an order or one is created as per their schedule.
4. If you don't need to save the order, click Cancel. The system will retain the note information even though the order has not been continued. To proceed with saving the order, click Save.

V2 records that have been migrated are removed from view; this is to prevent any overlaps of deliveries/notifications. To access this data, just log into V3.

No. V3 runsheets don't provide a method for filtering or grouping by routes.

Runsheets have been designed to be used as a backup when the driver's phone is unavailable. 

In the longer term, we plan to develop V3 features so that routes can be created and optimised in PDM Web. We may also add a filter-by-route option to the runsheets.

As the Reports module in V3 has been vastly improved, any existing V2 Reports will not be migrated.


This is not currently available on V3, but we’re working on it!

In the Orders module (Menu > Orders) add the 'Created by' column to your view.
If the order has been created by the system scheduler this column will show [System] as the creator.
If it has been created by a user at the branch it will show the user's name as the creator.

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