Managing Tasks

Tasks enable you to organise your workflow in a controlled and trackable manner. 
PDM has default tasks already created so you can get started right away.
The default tasks are:

  • Order reminder
  • Package order
  • Customer to collect from Branch
  • Customer to collect from Hub
  • Collect from Branch
  • Deliver to Customer
  • Collect from Hub
  • Deliver to Branch
  • Deliver to Hub
  • Collect from Customer

Task sequences speed up adding tasks to an order by grouping them together. So you can select multiple tasks and add them to an order in just one click.
The following default task sequences have been created so you can start using PDM right away:

  • Package, collect from Branch, deliver to Customer
  • Package, customer to collect
  • Package, transfer from Hub to Branch
  • Collect from Branch, deliver to Customer

Follow the links below to learn how to create new tasks, update task status and modify existing tasks: