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Updating Task Status

Keeping track of and updating a live task’s status is easy. First of all, go to the Tasks module in the main menu.

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The top menu allows you to view All tasks, Current tasks, Routed tasks, Pending tasks, tasks Targeted today, tasks Targeted tomorrow, tasks Running late, and cancelled/completed tasks With outcome note. You also have the option to view a Map showing all tasks tied to a physical location.

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The final tab allows you to create a Run Sheet, which you can then print or send by email to staff (ideal for when staff need to see what tasks are due when they're offline). 

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You can also use the Show my tasks only button to toggle between tasks assigned to everyone and only tasks assigned to you.

Along with the overview of the tasks, the information icon will let you know if there are any additional instructions associated with a task. 

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A black information icon means there are default instructions for the task. An orange icon means there are additional instructions for this specific instance of the task. Hover you cursor over the icon to see the instructions, or open the task to see the full details. 

To view more information on the task, you can double-click on the task or right-click and select View task. Here you can see a summary of the task, the order information, and customer information. You can also use the options on the right to Complete, Fail, or Cancel the task.

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Completing a task opens up additional options including:

  • Payment exemption details (Pharmacy version)
  • The Contact name (and signature if required)
  • The PDM user signature confirming the task has been carried out
  • Who performed the task (required)
  • Date and time the task was completed (required)
  • Outcome (where potential outcomes are specified for the task)

As well as any notes or tags you wish to add.

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The completed task will be moved to the history and the next task in the queue will become the current task.

Failing or cancelling a task opens up a different set of options:

  • Customer/rep. present? (For failed orders)
  • PDM user present/Cancelled by (required)
  • Date and time the task was failed/completed (required)
  • Outcome (where potential outcomes are specified for the task)

Along with any notes and tags you wish to add.

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You can also jump straight to the Complete, Fail task, and Cancel task menus by right-clicking on a task. This also gives you the option to Quick Complete a task, where this is a current task and no further information is needed to complete a task. Finally, you can also reassign the task, view/edit the order, and view/edit the customer from this menu.

If the task was cancelled or failed, the next task will be flagged and put on hold. 

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In the associated order, cancelled or failed orders will be moved to the history, and a warning will be displayed.

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While you can ignore the warning and carry on completing subsequent tasks, it's highly recommended you address whatever issue caused the task to be failed or cancelled, by either rescheduling the task or inserting a new task. 

When the final task in an order is completed, the order will automatically be completed.