PDM Web comes with advanced reports that allow you to see at a glance how order fulfilment service is performing in key areas, allowing you to identify areas for improvement.

To view your reports, simply open the Reports module from the main menu. 

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Reports are automatically created for six categories:

  • Orders (e.g. cancelled orders, created orders, status changes)
  • Routes (e.g. created routes, route duration, success rate)
  • Tasks (e.g. assigned tasks, completion rate, failed tasks)
  • Users (e.g. created users, users logged in, login duration)
  • User tracking events (e.g. stoppages by count, location, and duration)
  • Communications (e.g. created emails, created SMS)

Click on the report that you want to view, and you'll see a summary of the relevant information.

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You can then switch axis, choose how the information is grouped, and choose whether it's displayed as a sum or percentage. 

You can also click on the next to any group to expand the report and see more information.

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