PDM Web and PDM App

The pharmacy delivery tool designed to work with EMIS & ProScript Connect

With PDM integration, EMIS' trusted service just got better!

For over 30 years, EMIS has been connecting healthcare professionals across the NHS with the information they need by providing them with instant access to electronic patient records via ProScript Connect.
Partnered with PDM, EMIS is able to provide a simple way for pharmacies to make those important deliveries to their patients.

You can use the PDM Web application or the PDM mobile app to scan the ProScript Connect 2D barcodes to:
  • add patients
  • find patients, or
  • add new deliveries

Please note, there are 2 ways you can use the EMIS barcode via PDM Web:

  1. Via the scanner connected to ProScript Connect (this would require deactivating the Fast Scan function) or…

  2. Install a secondary barcode scanner that can be used directly with PDM Web.

If you are an existing PDM user, please note that a new registration is required to use this solution. Any additional information stored against a patient will not be able to be transferred across, however, if you did want to import those patient records where you have captured a mobile/email address to utilise the communication features in your new account then this is possible and on scanning the patient barcode, a lookup will occur to match up patient records.

Rest assured, you can still use your existing account whilst this is being set up to ensure continuity of service and you can keep your prior history in there for as long as you wish.

As an EMIS customer, to register a new account, please follow the sign-up link on this page.

It already seems to have got quicker and more efficient…! They used to spend 30-40 mins planning a round but now generally just go off the map!

Neil R Beecham — Beecham Pharmacy, Norton