Migrating from Version 2 to Version 3

PDM V3 is now being rolled out to all V2 users.

Full migration support is available upon request. Just contact us for more information.

We strongly recommend taking advantage of the automated migration.
It’s free, quick and easy

To qualify for migration, please make sure that all app users are running v3.1.8 of PDM App.
(You can do this by going into the App Store/Play Store on each device and updating PDM App.)

Then you don’t need to do anything else other than watch the training videos and tutorials that have been specially prepared.

While manual migration (where you export all your own data from V2 and import it into V3) is possible, it is a very time-consuming process. ONLY customer records can be imported, which means that all other areas of PDM must be completed/entered one by one. There is very limited migration support available for this option and some PDM support time may be chargeable.

The chart below shows the data that can be imported into V3 using the automated migration option compared with a manual migration:

Data available for import into V3

Automated Migration 

Manual Migration

Customer records

Payment exemptions

Exemption evidence last seen


Branch notes


Delivery notes

Regular deliveries

Branch Collections

User logins and permissions (Admin and App)

Active mobile devices

Housekeeping settings

Tracking links

SMS/email notifications

What are some advantages of migrating to the new version of Pro Delivery Manager?

  • For pharmacy, integration is available for most PMRs allowing for quick search of patients and adding of orders. For more information on this, please click here
  • Live tracking of drivers based on their GPS locations
  • Photo attachment feature in the app
  • New reports provide more flexibility and detail
  • Better traceability and ability to reschedule deliveries

For a full list of V3 features, click here.

Check out the main differences between V2 and V3 in this video:

More questions?

Check out the Migration Hub, which has handy videos and FAQs related specifically to migration.