Payment collection methods

PDM currently supports two payment collection methods:

1. Manual - If you use a third-party system to collect payments from your customers, or your customers pay by cash, use this payment collection method to track the status of payment requests manually.
By default, the Manual payment collection method is enabled. To disable it, press the Deactivate button.

2. Direct Debit (selected countries only) - This collection method fully automates the request and collection of payments via Direct Debit bank transfer. The service is provided by our partner GoCardless but is fully integrated with the PDM workflow.

If the Direct Debit collection method is available in your country, you can enable it by pressing the Setup button. You will need to create an account (or link an existing account) for your business with our partner GoCardless. Simply follow the instructions on the screen.
Once PDM has been successfully linked to your GoCardless account, you can begin making payment requests via Direct Debit.

For more information on scheduling payment requests, please see the tutorial: