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Here are some of the most asked questions from existing users about the PDM App for mobile.
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PDM App is compatible with all Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices and all Android devices running
Android version 4.4 (KitKat) and above.
However, we do recommend using an Android device if you have the choice.

This is for several reasons:

  • The iPhone has a smaller screen than most Android devices which can make the on-screen
    signature tool a little difficult to use.
  • iPad tablet devices do not always have GPS (generally GPS is not available on WiFi-only
    models). This means that the courier tracking and "exact location recording" are not so
  • On iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) the courier tracking gets paused when the user switches to
    another app (for example, the user may switch to the Maps app for directions to the next
    delivery). This is because iOS pauses all operations in an app when another app is being
    used for performance reasons.
  • Due to the open architecture of Android we are able to add new features and updates more
    quickly to the Android mobile app. Some new features that we are currently working on may
    not be included in the iOS version due to incompatibility issues.

When choosing a device we recommend the following device specifications:

  • Built-in GPS: This is required for accurate courier tracking
  • Built-in WiFi: This is required if you do not have a mobile data contract
  • Built-in rear-facing high-resolution camera with auto-focus: This is required for using the
    barcode scanner
  • A mobile data contract (1Gb per month should be more than enough as the app does not use
    much data)
  • Unlimited texts contract: A good idea if you are going to use the device for sending out the
    automated delivery notifications to customers
  • A large screen
  • Good battery life.

PDM App should work on any 4th generation Android phone or tablet.

The short answer is No.

PDM App can be used on devices that only have a WiFi connection as the app only needs to
have access to the internet when you login. After you have logged in the app will cache all changes
you make whilst there is no internet connection available. When you next connect to
a WiFi network, the app will sync all data in the cache with PDM Web.

The disadvantage of not using a mobile data connection is that the courier tracking will not be 'live'
- you will have to wait until the device is next connected to WiFi in order to view the tracking data
in PDM Web.

Average usage is around 500Mb per month. However, if using the map screen in the app or an
external map app for directions and navigation this amount may be higher.

A key feature of PDM is the ability to track your couriers/delivery drivers in real-time as they perform the day's deliveries.

Courier tracking is made possible through PDM App for Android or iOS (Apple) devices. When a courier is logged into PDM App, "Location Services" provided by the device's operating system are used to record the position of the device every three minutes and then sends this information back to PDM Web.

Please follow the relevant link below for further details on how to get the best out of this feature

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Yes. All updates are cached in the mobile devices' memory and synchronised with the PDM Web
database as soon as an Internet data connection is available.

Changes made in PDM App

If PDM App has an internet connection, updates to Tasks will synchronise with the cloud database immediately. Other changes, including location tracking, will sync every 5 minutes.

If there is no internet connection, then the changes will sync within 5 minutes of a connection being established, provided that PDM App is running and open on the main screen of your mobile device. If the app is running in the background (if the screen is locked or in use by another app, for example) it will only sync with PDM Web within 5 minutes of PDM App being open again on the screen.

Once the data has been synchronised with the cloud database, the changes will generally be available for other users to view within a minute.

Changes made in PDM Web

Changes made in PDM Web will generally synchronise and be viewable to PDM App users within a minute.