1. Enter your new V3 Company ID
  2. Enter the driver's email address - this has the following format: PIN@company[V3 company ID].com. So for example, an app user whose PIN was ‘1000’ and whose new company ID is ‘2001’ - their PDM App login email address would be: 1000@company2001.com
  3. Enter the password (this will be the same one the driver used when using V2).

The "default delivery notes" for customers in V2 are migrated to the "Additional instructions" field for the "Deliver to Customer" task in V3. 

This is also saved as a default for that customer in V3, so whenever a new "Deliver to Customer" task is created for an order, the old "default delivery notes" will appear under the "additional instructions" for that task.
The driver can see this note in PDM App under the "Instructions" tab when viewing the delivery task.

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Make sure the driver is logged in as a member of the Courier user group.

To check this setting, log into PDM Web. Go to Administration > User Accounts.
Open the User account by double-clicking on it. Check the 'Group' field is assigned to the 'Couriers' group.

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There is no longer a separate button to "refresh" the screen on the app.
If a new task is added when already logged into the app, just "pull down" (swipe down) on the screen to refresh it.

Go to the Tasks module. Menu > Tasks > Map tab.

The basic requirement for running V3 is v3.1.8 of PDM App.
Please ensure all drivers' mobile devices are using the latest version of PDM App.
To check which version you're running, after logging into PDM App, go to the menu and select Information. The App version will be listed.
To update the app, go into the App Store/Play Store on each device and update PDM App.


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No. Orders can’t currently be edited in the App, only in PDM Web.

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