Pearl Chemists

Pearl Pharmacy staff are benefiting from the delivery management service available from the NPA

Pearl Chemists in Tooting, London has been running a delivery service for more than 12 years. Three drivers support their seven branches to make more than 60 daily deliveries. With increasing pressure on business margins, plus greater GPhC focus on clear audit trails and patient data safety, pharmacy director Mike Patel was looking for a more robust way to manage the service.

"Home delivery is a free service for our customers, but is a cost to the business", explains Mike. "I am very keen to make our deliveries as efficient and cost effective as possible."

Learning about [PDM] from the NPA, Mike was persuaded to take up the free trial.
Within 14 deliveries, he was convinced of the benefits.
"Our delivery success rate is now over 93%, and the data provided by the system is outstanding. My drivers are taking the most efficient route possible, which is cutting fuel costs, and we don't now spend lots of time managing heaps of paper."

After being initially apprehensive, the Pearl staff using [PDM] are also seeing big improvements.
Mike sees clear value for money in the service and encourages any prospective user to give it a try.
"Its ability to audit, track and plan efficient routes and provide me with valuable management data is second to none."

~ Mike Patel, Pharmacy Director, Pearl Chemists

Its ability to audit, track and plan efficient routes and provide me with valuable management data is second to none.

Mike Patel — Pearl Chemists

"It is incredibly easy to use - all you need is an internet-enabled device in the office and a smart phone for each driver. You don't have to be a computer whiz to set it up.
The clinical governance is outstanding - deliveries don't get missed, every medication is tracked in real time and any last minute changes can be quickly noted and communicated.
My labour forecasting has significantly improved - the daily reports mean I now have accurate information on the number of hours required and the associated petrol costs.
~ Ketan Agravat, Operations Manager

"It's so easy to use - it helps get you organised and plans my delivery routes for me.
It has drastically reduced errors - I have all the relevant medications before I set off, I know what I need to pick up and I can see any extra notes against each delivery.
Signatures for controlled drugs (CDs) are ensured - rather than relying on a sticker on the parcel telling me, the system tells me it's CDs, and requires the customer and my signatures on delivery, so it never gets missed."
~ Jayesh Patel, Driver