Exciting News - Version 3 of PDM launched today!

V3 is is about much more than just deliveries and includes some much-requested features such as:

  • Allowing editing/deleting of records in bulk. Multiple records can be selected and actions like changing delivery courier, rescheduling delivery or deleting records can now be performed in bulk.
  • Saving of data table views - for example, data can be sorted by any column and the columns themselves can be rearranged or hidden from view.
  • Tagging system - for example, creating and using tags for "Heavy item," "Urgent," or "Fragile item."
  • Bulk "out for delivery" option for PDM App users. Allows a courier to mark all "scheduled" deliveries as "out for delivery" in one go, saving time.
  • Branch Collections can now be marked as collected using PDM Web from a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Auto updating of the delivery list in the app. Updated automatically with any changes made to a delivery in PDM Web - no manual refresh required.
  • An "Enable payment exemption system" option - eliminating the need for payment entries for countries that no longer use this system.

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It is easy for V2 users to migrate to V3 - sign up today for a free 30 day trial and explore the new version for yourself! You can also check out our Tutorials for detailed information on how V3 is organised and functions.
Contact us for more information on data transfer, training, and migration assistance.