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What are the main differences between V2 and V3?

The central web application, previously called Admin, is now known as PDM Web and the mobile application is PDM App

'Branches' Replaced with 'Entities'

In Version 3, 'Branches' have been replaced with 'Entities.'
An Entity can be a head office, a branch, a hub, a surgery, a pharmacy or any other type of organisation. Entities can be used to allow other organisations, such as care homes or hospitals, to securely access customer and order tracking information.
Virtual entities can also be created. These are useful, for example, if customers need to be grouped by a delivery region.
Each entity can have a customised icon, helping users to identify them easily.
Customers can belong to multiple entities.
Users of PDM can be granted access to multiple entities quickly and easily.

Deliveries and Collections Replaced with 'Orders' module

The Orders module, which replaces the Deliveries and Collections tabs in the previous version, is easily accessible from the main menu and allows users to quickly create and manage any order.
When the module is first opened, a summary is shown of all orders in the system and their current status.
You can use the handy Quick Search at the top of the screen to search through your orders, or you can use the tabs within the module to change the order status view.

Full Order and Task History

In contrast with V2, V3 supports the entire history of an order including deliveries that have been completed, cancelled or have failed by using the tasks function within an order.
It’s quick and easy to reschedule tasks that have failed or been cancelled by clicking the ‘Reschedule failed/cancelled task’ button.
All this history stays within one order for ease of reference. This helps users with continuity of service and improves communication – no need to write memos or emails about customers' orders and deliveries.

New features in V3

  • Streamlined user login
    Only one user log-in is needed for both PDM Web and PDM App.
  • Orders
    Orders contain one or a sequence of tasks to be completed. Tasks that can be added to an order include deliveries and collections. Read more here...
  • Tasks
    This function makes it easy to keep track of how orders are progressing and to see an order through from start to finish. Read more here…
  • Quick Search
    Use the Quick Search to search for customers or orders. The Quick Search bar is visible in each module of PDM V3. Use it to scan barcodes printed by PDM or by a third-party system too.
  • User groups
    User groups are an easy way to organise users within their entities e.g. separate groups for drivers, hub staff, and managers. Read more here...
  • Custom tags
    Tags that can be edited are a great way to include additional information about customers that can be viewed quickly and easily. Read more here...
  • Customer defaults
    Save instructions as a default note for all subsequent orders along with order items and task list associated with their order. A great time-saving feature. Read more here...
  • Barcode support
    Both PDM Web and PDM App have the facility to scan barcodes. Barcodes printed by PDM or by a third-party system can be scanned into a customer or order record.
  • Multiple address support
    Add multiple addresses within a customer record. Read more here...
  • Customisable view
    The Excel-type grid views are now saved between sessions and adding, removing and filtering columns from view is easy. Read more here...
  • Remote Signature Capture
    The Remote Signature Capture feature enables customers and others to sign remotely for goods received, and that signature is uploaded immediately for viewing in PDM Web. Read more here...

Pharmacy-specific features

  • Specify no. of packages and add items
    Easily specify the number of packages that make up an order in the Order details menu as well as which items are in which packages. Read more here...
  • Added NHS field in Customer records enables quick and specific search functions. Also enables compatibility with RxWeb PMR. Read more about RxWeb here...
  • PMR barcode support gives pharmacies the ability to scan 2D barcodes to auto-populate fields in PDM saving precious time. Read more about integrated PMRs here...